[Written by - Arnab Das, Computer Science and Engineering Dept. 3rd year, Kalyani Government Engineering College Batch: 2019-23

Jagannath Temple

When I first saw the picture of a sea in the books of my childhood, I used to wonder how could a place in this planet exist with so much water and still be out of the eyelines of most of the persons. Is it such an amazing experience to experience the waves of the ocean in different moods of alternate periods of the year? Well, after the end of my Madhyamik exam in the year 2017, I got a chance to explore the nearest beautiful sea in Puri, Odisha.

Definitely, after such a long exam and being exhausted with its preparation, I grabbed the opportunity like duck to water. Even before around 2-weeks, I had already started to draw the plans of how to explore different places of the city; the cultural backgrounds, the famous temple of Jagannath, the Swargadwar beach, Golden beach or the Nandankanan Zoological Park; that week is going to be as exciting as one could be.

The day before departing our city, I packed all my bags, clothes, the camera lens to capture those beautiful moments, other essential products needed during the tour. The sleepless night indicated how generously I wanted to visit the land of beaches.

Well, myself with my parents and another family being social to us through my father, went to Maldah from which we boarded to the Kamakhya Puri Express to reach our destination. It was around the noon time when we crossed the Farakkha Bridge; the water was a sign how much I was closer to water; but how can I be happy with only observing it; I want to sleep on those waters or making castles in the beaches. None the less, around mid-night, our train entered Puri as I for the first time kept my feet in my dream land.

That was the scene that glued with me for the rest of my life; as our car was going towards our hotel, the sea waves seem to be providing us a warm welcome as the sun during the dawn was trying to shine up; the typical colors of the sky with the waves around; I can’t really have enough words to express my feelings of the moment. The breeze was a such a sweet feeling in the body.

Beaches of puri

The room that we got was bit costly but I can’t see any reason of paying some hard in cash for exploring the water from my window for te very first time. During going to bed or coming out of it, the ocean will have a full flow in my retinas.

But it wasn’t only that; we headed to the Jagannath Temple and I realized how closely people believed in that god; any kind of reason and they somehow pray to the god. The bhog prassad as they call it is of trimindous taste.

We then had gone to the Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhuvneshwar, just quite a few miles away from the main city; well trust me or not; when I left our car, I saw a huge line from the front door of the park; in my wildest dream I never thought that it would be the line of collecting the tickets; none the less, we got a nice tour guide who took us through the amazing zoological park and I picked so many knowledge on the animals and their behaviors which to be honest went on to help me in upcoming days. White Tiger safari, Lion safari, Butterfly Park, Orchid house were one of the main attractions on that tour.

Well, lastly, we also explored Konark Sun Temple; it’s in the medium of te town in the Puri district lying on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It has been listed as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, the temples of Konark are main attractions.

It goes without saying that the last day before our departure wasn’t a happy day. We decided not to go far from the sea and take a look at the different regions of the beach; my father had a nice travel on the back of the camels whereas I with the elder brother who went with us, joined the Dj party what was running loudly besides the beach.

Beaches of Puri

The night was as much emotional as much exciting it was during coming to the city. Whatever, the car came us in the morning to pick us again and just when we were heading towards the station, it felt or sounded like that the sea waves were asking me not to go back. I couldn’t help control my tears rolling out through the cheeks. Well, all good things at one point have to put in an end.

It's been a week since I reached my home town and believed me still the sounds of the waves and the scenes of the sun coming out of the horizon letting beautiful colors and the birds flying in the sky; the dreams are still coming with the sound ringing in the ears. The experience is absolutely second to none; and I don’t think one should mention about experiencing such moments to others in life; they should be wise enough to figure it out.

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