WRITTEN BY- ARNAB DAS (Computer Science and Engineering department, 3rd year, Kalyani Government Engineering College, Batch: 2019-23)

ISKCON Temple 

Mayapur Dham is recognized as one of the most holy, iconic places in West Bengal. People around the state visit this Dham. It is the headquarter of ISKCON (International Society of Krishna Consciousness). People often visit this place to get rid of boredom. Nabadwip Dham, along with Mayapur, also is a holy place to visit.

It’s been a long time since I and my friend have planned to explore Mayapur Dham. We had planned a month ago to visit Mayapur. It was really exciting for us to go to Mayapur for the very first time.

One month ago we had our exams. Every night I was electrified when time would come. Before departing, I dreamt that I was serving Lord Radha-Krishna as a priest, also directing devotees how to worship Lord properly.

I started bag packing to carry clothes, all other necessary things to be needed one day before heading towards Mayapur.

On 7th April, 2021, the day finally arrived. As a resident of Kolkata, I and my friend headed towards Vidyanagar Station (Ultadanga) by bus. From there we got into a local train which goes to Krishnanagar City at 8 am. I had a light breakfast before coming out of home. After completing two and half an hour journey, we reached at Krishnanagar City. In there, we had our breakfast. From there we first went by an auto to catch a bus which go directly to Mayapur.

Temple Of Vedic Planetarium, Mayapur. Construction start in 2010 and when it completed it will be the world's largest hindu temple. 

After travelling by bus, we finally reached at Mayapur Dham at 12 pm. Before coming here, big brother of my friend suggested us of staying at lodge inside Mayapur Dham at cheap price. So we headed towards lodge and then we founded the lodge which named Shruti Bhaban, what we came to know. It was beside Goshala. We booked one room for two nights which costs Rs.250/- per night and per person. But as a student, for us, it costs 200/- per night and per person.

We arrived at room, environment of surrounding lodge is quite peaceful, green plants also surrounded it. After that, we started to explore the Dham. We went to have our lunch i.e., Prasad. Then we moved around of the main temple, which is being constructed. We saw many devotees moving around with japa mala, chanting the Hare-Krishna name.

We saw many foreigner devotees were moving around in temple area, chanting mantas, walking, riding in bicycles, scooters etc. Many local devotees, outsiders gathered in one place, were walking around to see temples etc. Every evening, arati show is started.

On next day, we went for Mangala-arati at early 4 am. Curtains were opened up, conch was blown to awake the deities, kirtana started where devotees started to show their devotion towards deities. Upto 6 am, kirtana continued and finished with worshipping Narsimha deb and Tulsi debi. After completing Mangala-arati, we had bhog-prasad.

Ganga River

We had also taken bath in the river Ganges. There were many devotees, foreign devotees also bathing.

On that whole day, we went to see several spectacular places to be visited. We booked a auto to visit these places. We went to Birth place of Shri Gouranga Mahaprabhu first. Secondly, we went to Shri Chaitanya Math, third Devotee Chand Gazi Samadhi, fourth Jagannth Temple, fifth Raja Vallal Sen’s Dhipi, sixth Shri Bhakti Vinod Sriti Temple, ISCKON Chandrodaya Temple, seventh Yoga Peeth etc.

Then we visited to Goshala, there various kinds of cows were sitting, hovering here and there. Some people observing those cows by feeding grass, bathing, etc.

Goshalas Of Mayapur

We had our lunch at Gada Bhaban. There many spiritual, healthy dishes were given like rice, papad, vegetables, fried rice, sweets, kheer etc. From there, we came back to our lodge.

At afternoon, we went to Nabadwip by crossing the river Ganges on the boat. As we had gone at afternoon, we did not have so much time to explore Nabadwip thoroughly. Just we hovered nook and corner, saw various stalls of different things. Buyers come to see, buy products. It was like I was hovering at Varanasi. Before returning, we tasted a sweet curd to reduce our appetite. Then we came back to our lodge.

We stayed one more day to see around the temple, went to Gurukula etc.

Before returning, we, started to gather our things, clothes i.e., bag packing. On fourth day, it was time for leaving. We left our lodge. We came to river Ganges by auto and then crossed river by boat. From then we, headed towards station by a van. At 8:30 am, we reached at Krishnanagar City jn. and got in the train by 9 am.

At 11 am, we reached our home safely. I want to go Mayapur everyday as it is very astonished, holy, mesmerizing place to be visited. I recommend all of you to visit this place once in a life.

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